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Here’s How It Works:

SERPs software makes it easy to turn one keyword into hundreds of optimized landing pages. Design your perfect landing page, insert variables, and customize your desired content for each page using a Google Sheet.

Our software helps agencies create the best geographically targeted landing pages at scale.

And the way we achieve this is through 3 distinct phases.

 Phase 1 - Keyword Research

The very first thing we do is identify the target keyword you want to use to create geographically targeted pages at scale.

This determines the foundation for SERPs.com to begin building.

 Phase 2 - Page Design

Once we have a foundation of target keywords we want to use, we develop the landing page design using your favorite WordPress theme or page builder.

Here’s where you can insert as many strategic variables as you desire for a fully customized page to ensure you get the best results for your clients.

 Phase 3 - Geographic Takeover

Here’s where you simply export the landing page template from WordPress and import it into SERPs so we’re ready to launch.

You’ll have a Google sheet that tells our software how many landing pages you’d like to create and what unique content you’d like to see on the pages.

Allowing you to set an unlimited number of pages live and take over a geographical area for your clients.


Kyle Roof


  • “I’m all about things that work. SERPs is one of those things. It just works. I’m not sure what else you could ask for; you get great looking pages that give you the best chance to rank and convert.”

Wesley Horton


  • “SERPs helped us scale by implementing powerful local SEO solutions into the website services we already offered. This is more than simply another tool in your digital agency toolbox. It is THE tool.”

Braeden Fairbridge


  • “This has been absolutely game changing for our business. I can’t describe how grateful I am.”

Mike Greenspoon


  • “What I love about SERPs is the control and efficiencies it gives you as an SEO.”


You can see below how we used SERPs in our own agency to get results for major brands like Cali Lemon Lawyers and many other clients you can see below.

William Gee


  • “This is a special tool that is transformative for a digital marketing agency. I’ve seen the results first hand. My decision to move forward with SERPs is the best business decision I’ve made.”

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